O nama

About us

Our logo consists of three profiles of women representing three generations that have contributed to the establishment and development of Lonzor with their ideas and work, and what they have in common is unity. The tradition of renting dates back to the 1960s when nona Zorka, together with her husband Velimir, started welcoming guests and offering accommodation to those who wanted to enjoy the charms of Selce, a beautiful area in the Kvarner region. Nona Zorka recognized the opportunity and potential of our property and adapted it to the needs of both domestic and foreign guests. Lonzor was built in two phases, so we like to say that we have an older and a newer part of the house, as evidenced by the attached photos. 

Over the years of tourism and business development, nona Zorka learned several languages and expanded her knowledge on various topics through interactions with guests of different profiles. Her years of hard work were rewarded in 2013 when we received the “Person-Key to Success in Tourism” award, confirming that besides accommodation, hospitality and involvement add value to a memorable vacation.

She passed on her knowledge to her daughter Veljka, who, after completing her studies at the Faculty of Hotel Management, took on the role of a manager in one of the hotels in Selce. This experience served as an excellent foundation and introduction to her work at Lonzor, where she remains to this day as a representative of the second generation of the business.

The third generation is represented by granddaughter Lea, who, alongside nona Zorka and her mother Veljka, has been learning about tourism from a young age. After completing her studies in marketing and entrepreneurship, she decided to join Lonzor and bring a new and modern approach with the aim of branding and establishing the recognition of this property in the destination and region.